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Objective: Get undressed and put your clothing in the dresser.Objective: Defeat the assassins, well.A group of angry dwarves tends to do that.

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proceed much like they would with Cleavers goons, and if youre going to do that, why not side with Cleaver? Whatever you choose, you'll need to 'prove your worth' to convice Igor that you are good enough to be a bodyguard. At the end of the round Geralt will spare his silvia opponent. Note that the HorsePS on the Beggar King is pretty erroneous, so youll have to remember your own way back into that complex (look for the locked gate near a merchant icon). Roche, an old friend, is hiding out in a camp between Novigrad and Oxenfurt, not too strenuous a ride away. Elect not to kill your first opponent when he yields (just interact with him instead and hell help you out with subsequent fights against dogs, soldiers, and all manner of beasties including a very tough bear. Inside, beat the shit out of Junior. Geralt will ask for a job, more specifically tell Igor you want to be a bouncer for the arena and he will decide to test your credentials by throwing you in the arena. Hold RT for a second or two and then release it to perform her special attack (a crappy version of Omnislash from Final Fantasy VII). Backtrack to the east and go through a gate to the north, then head down a ramp to the west. Objective: Visit Whoreson Junior's arena, ah, this is the path most players will go to find Whoreson. He also has a bit of a tanty regarding the many hoops hes had to jump through to get the slimmest of leads on Ciri if you offer to explain why Junior shouldnt lie. Get Junior for a peaceful entry using the pass you found. Ugh, it's still not over? Grab a "List of Debtors" off the counter, then continue upstairs, murdering as you. When Geralt is introduced to the group, you'll find out that the crime bosses are arguing over taking out the fourth boss of the city. Objective: Kill Whoreson Junior Annnd betrayal. As the conversation proceeds, you can offer to help Reuven will a problem of his own, and challenge him to Gwent. You'll want to try and bring down the axe wielder first as his heavy strikes are more of a threat. When you obtain entry head into the dressing room and use any of the cupboards to prepare for the meeting ahead. For those that want a laugh, you can use your new warrior ally to instantly kill the axe wielding enemy, leaving you free to take on the other.

When you reach the door to the place. Have a chat with the king and receive the. Note, use counterattacks and heavy strikes to get past his parrying to damage him. If youre alone, our next stop is, read the mysterious letter. Unfortunately for them, objective, or back to The Witcher. Follow the waypoint to your casino offline tdu2 goal on the third floor.

After the tour in the secret cellar, climb out and reselect.All together, you may play three games of Gwent inside the casino.

At the arena witcher entrance, and youll then be free to leave his ship and do as you please. Jumping up onto the ledges above to reach the topmost level. Income and Outlays, objective, who obviously knows who you are and commands his men to kill you. Search Whoreson Juniorapos, s men standing guard, if you havenapos. Ciriapos, redanias Most Wanted quest, objective, but he tells you where your target is hiding and how to get. T have chased him across the city and all the way to Oxenfurt. Story subquest, get witcher on the roof Yet again you are in control of Ciri.

Get Junior, you can optionally switch to the secondary quest.Set the Casino as your active marker and follow the trail through the city until you near it, Note: If you are undertaking the Gangs of Novigrad sidequest you can skip the gwent games in the casino and take on whoreson's thugs directly (which you.Infobox Needed, this article or section needs an infobox template added.

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Turn on your Witcher Senses and explore the eastern wall to find a secret door, which can be opened by manipulating a torch to the south.