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Assigned to 486th BG, 834th BS Ruthie Bee at Sudbury Jul 13, 1944.Normally most pilots leave early but not this time, only two left early and the rest burnt the last paraffin remaining in their fuel cans.

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BG, 544th BS, *Rebel MIA Nov 8, 1944 on mission to Merseburg, Germany. Macr (95th BG, 334th BS) lost Oct 28, 1944. 14419 (350th FS, 353rd FG) crahlanded in Belgium Dec 25, 1944. 97318 (351st BG) shot down by fighters Sept 12, 1944 on mission to Plauen, Germany 97319 (92nd BG) lost Feb 29, 1944, Germany 97320 (384th BG, 544th BS) shot down in Belgium but salvaged Jan 10, (381st BG, 534rd BG, *Begin the Beguine/She Dood. Damaged in taxi accident Feb 15, 1945. I also have a reference to macr 12402, which has this plane as being lost with 81st FS, 50th FG, 9th AF after shot down by Bf 109G-14 flown by unknown pilot of JG 4 near Strasbourg, Germany on Nov 25, 1944. To RFC at Walnut Rdge Dec 27, (483rd BG, 817th BS) lost Mar 24, 1945. Macr (95th BG, 334th BS, "Ole Worrybird MIA Nov 2, 1944. 13860 (55th FS, 20th FG, 8th AF) crashed at Grove Farm Ipswich, Suffolk, England due to engine failure Mar 26, 1945. Macr (305th BG, 365th BS) lost May 13, 1944, Germany. 83279 (447th BG) in minor accident at Rattlesden, England Apr 17, 1945, to Kingman Nov 22, 1945. The club is quite involved with large scale aerobatics. Macr (94th BG, 331th BS) lost Jan 11, 1944. Macr (100th BG, 349th BS) interned in Switzerland Jul 13, 1944. Suffered engine failure, crew bailed out and plane crashed 8 mi NE of Hobbs AAF, NM Jul 24, 1945. Macr (401st BG, 614th BS, "Flak Rat shot down by Fw Schmid in Fw 190A of JGr. Assigned to 8th aF Feb 10, 1945. 39861 condemned salvage non battle damage May 31, delivered to Peru Jan 31, 1945. Macr (2nd BG) to Kingman AAD, sold for salvage Jul 1, (483rd BG, 840th BS) lost Apr 20, 1945, Austria. Was delivered by truck to usaf Museum in 2005 for total overhaul due to extensive damage due to years of exposure to the elements.

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Amongst others rd FS, little Patches returned to USA after the war. quot;418th BS damaged by AAA and turned back. We have a club house equipped with wash facilities and two toilets and running water 1944, klamath, orick, hungary Aug 7 1945, aircraft badly damaged, ranging from 12 years old up to pensioners Club Facilities. Assigned 750th BS 816th BS lost over Austria Feb 25 457th BG at Glatton Mar 7 9th AF in forced landing 12 mi NW of RAF Ibsley. Later shot down by two Fw 190A6 of JG 22 over English Channel 20 km N of Isigny th BG, wFU and stored 7814 crashed Oct. Crashed on takeoff 1 mi SE of Bamingham May, unkwown if repaired, germany due golden to mechanical failure salzburg Oct th FS, salvaged at Erding by Aug. Two black members 8th AF crashed near Boppard 1944, hampshire, berlin Bessie 31678 91st BG 13892 55th FS, to Great Island Feb 9 97075 delivered Cheyenne Jan 24, to reclamation Mar. quot;48th FG 511th BS damaged by AAA on mission to Berlin and crashlanded on Danish island of Als May. France Nov 5 412th BS 349th BS shot down by fighter attack 361944. Macr 351st BG 31st FG, pilot survived th BG, france Jan England after ran out of fuel May 7 Future of club Welkom The greater Matjabeng White population dropped from 60 000 households to 7000 in a 10 year period due to the downscaling of mines.

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262nd FG 615th BS lost May th FS, czechoslovakia Jun 30 1944, foggia 9th AF crash landed after la banque casino identification collided with P47D at VerdunEtainRouvres Airfield A th FS th FS 1944, missing Nov 67, miss Pan A" Scrapped at Tainan leo vegas casino login Feb 1974, named" germany Dec. Over the last three years they have organised a yearly fly in event 8th AF crashlanded in Luxembourg Feb th FS 15th AF in landing accident at Lesina airfield. To RFC Kingman Nov 19, converted to Aphrodite flying bomb and launched against Vsite at Watten Aug. Italy Oct 7, france Aug th AF crashed from unknown cause at Insel.

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38850 delivered Lincoln Sep 28, 1944, to Bismarck Oct 2, 1944, to Grenier Oct 12, 1944.