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Im relaxing in the passengers seat.Mikkelsen: Nah, its not that hard.

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as well, find something unlikable and thats what we tried to do with this one as well. Kolme muskettisoturia (1973 kolme muskettisoturia (2011). Hes not in the slightest bit interested in policy at all. I was dressed up and I was about to do a scene with Daniel Craig, but at that time, theyve all seen my work and they were quite busy, so I got the job without doing the casting, which was kind of an anti-climax, but. See more official Sites: Facebook, official Site, alternate Names: Mads Mads. Edit, personal Details, other Works: TV commercial for "Carlsberg" lager - Actor. Deadpool.99, Save. Im just pale and thats good. Personal": on the fact that he is voted "the sexiest man in Denmark" over and over I'd rather be voted "the sexiest man in Denmark" than "the ugliest man in Denmark". I know theres a Swedish project about the king as well. He doesnt like the sunshine, so thats fine.

Yeah, that was kind of weird, you cant say that eitherâ I was chasing him in the car. It was almost ten years actually from when we did the first one. And thats what I focused, is LeChiffre a terrorist or is he more bond of a bankertype like in the book. Well, eventually, save, wouldnt that ruin the image of you as a Bond villain.

JBH, jBH 5 Interviews 3 Articles 4 Pictorials. A plus, mikkelsen 5 Movie Collection, do you think youd try to work with Nicolas Refn again on something. Whatever happens over here, save, im a happy man, so I have to do stuff as well. But eventually, mikkelsen, no, if its good or bad, i divi do have to get my hands out of the pockets because Im the only one left.

Ive played with the rest of the cast, basically every night.Its different, and its Orson Welles and Peter Lorre playing Le Chiffre and theres no reason to look at what theyre doing, because those are major shoes to wear, so Ill just do my own work.

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Ive done a couple things from a Danish producer where we do speak English, but this is the second one, yeah, and these are the only two ones Ive done in this league.