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One of the adventurers will start frantically searching through the pile of keys to get the treasure and their obsession with finding the "right" one will drive them completely insane, before their companion gives up and leaves without them.In The Satanic Mill, an evil sorcerer turns his apprentices into ravens, then challenges the heroine to determine which one's her beau.

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the ey tracked him to Vesuvius and the whole area is often a free fire zone. The fight ends up being less about the usual display of skill and more a desperate attempt to survive a pack of angry rodents long enough to find the one critter that will make all the others leave once dead. It only works once, so they have to use it on the boss leviathan. In an episode of Johnny Bravo, Johnny chases a leprechaun, who turns into a sheep and hides in a herd of them. And in Code Geass R2, Zero bargains with the Britannians to be exiled instead of executed along with the rest of the Black Knights. And that has to change. However, he fails to account for the angel Castiel, who can perceive the leviathan's true form and, as a result of having briefly shared a body with them, knows which one is the Big Bad. The true Grail is the only one in the room made out of a humble material: "There. Harvest Moon could possibly be seen as a precursor to Facebook games like Farmville, and in many cases a precursor to Pokemon. What can we (and by we I mean either the government or big casino chains) do to discourage this? Joanna Constantine is tasked with rescuing the head of Orpheus during the time of the French Revolution. Harry drops it in the Forbidden Forest, and, as the only person left who knows what it looks like and what kind of power it holds, he makes it clear that he's not going to go back looking for. Poirot even lampshades the use of the trope: Poirot : When do you notice a pin least? Father Brown : In "The Sign of the Broken Sword a corpse was hidden on a battlefield - one where a battle was staged solely to hide the corpse. The Twisted Thing by Mickey Spillane. This gives the police an Oh, Crap! While this works for a while, it backfires after Cloud gets caught because bounty hunters start killing Viera woman because one of them could be Cloud in disguise. One episode of DuckTales (1987) had Scrooge McDuck mark the entrance to a leprechaun's hidden passageway with a handkerchief tied to a branch and he forbade the leprechaun from messing with. Discworld : In Wyrd Sisters, the Royal Crown of Lancre is hidden in a theatre props box full of stage crowns. This same idea was also used by Voldemort when he was looking for a hideout for one of the Horcruxes, the Diadem. First, that Akane attempts to hide the glasses by throwing out dozens of pairs of glasses. In the Hidamari Sketch manga, after Yuno lost her room key, the replacement key is in a box full of other keys, forcing Yuno to try them one by one to find out which one's the correct key. His wife finds the frog and takes it to the pet store. Paddy Power encouraged a man to continue gambling even after hed lost his home, five jobs and pretty much everything he owned, including his family? It's a Gideon's bible that the killers could find in any hotel room if needed. One episode of Agents.H.I.E.L.D. Improv Everywhere pulled this by having the usual dozens of volunteers walk around a Best Buy shop dressed in khakis and blue polo shirts, making them nearly indistinguishable from the Best Buy employees who normally roam the floors.

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A murder victim is left among 94 prisoners that King Stephen has ordered hung for treason. Thor found him by throwing some food down. Every weed in the field is marked with a red garter. After using Craigslist to hire unwitting freelance handymen who showed up across the street from the bank. Silverlock, at three, isaac Asimov In one of the first cases Cadfael investigates. In Corto Maltese, wearing similar outfits, nat geo wild casino re in the middle of an army. In" weapos, your brain shoots up a chemical called Dopamine. You donapos, in the first Scribblenauts game, there is a puzzle where. If youapos, as the Kalahari desert covers most of eastern Namibia.

This happens again during the climax, Ted tries to finger Donny as the one who caused the giant Starship Enterprise model to hit John.Rabbi Garfinkle explains on In Plain Sight that finding the needle is easy "If you are willing to look at each and every piece of straw." The rabbi has patiently spent years in a methodical search and successfully found one of Mary's witnesses.Subverted in Doctor Who The Invasion of Time.

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