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Perhaps he should have been making strong bets, as this might have been his only chance to take full advantage of his superior hand.17 00:02:29,482 00:02:31,049 How did he die?

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to reveal a hand of K, K, and along with the king in the flop, he smiles confidently with his hand of three kings. Bond looks up at LeChiffre and begins to stare into his eyes. I suppose that's something. Then the final card has been dealt to reveal an A, 8, 6, 4, A, and four of the cards are spades. 28 00:07:40,025 00:07:45,155 That's all my organization will guarantee. He sheepishly slides his cards toward the dealer, perhaps to quietly fold his cards. In Casino Royale, James Bond masterfully lures his opponents into doing exactly what he wishes them. LeChiffre flips his cards to reveals pockets card of A, 6, to make a higher full house, A, A, A, 6,. 41 00:09:13,085 00:09:17,155 Sir, you must know you're betting against the market. 45 00:10:03,035 00:10:08,563 I wonder if bomb-makers are insured for things like that. Even knowing that he held the best hand possible, Bond still checked. 26 00:07:33,118 00:07:37,388 So how do james bond smoking casino royale I trust this man that I've never met with my money? Put your hand down.

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10 540 Considerably, and then took full advantage, and he went all 157 00, we can now see that Bond had successfully lured Dimitrios into a false confidence. The villain immediately goes all. Just as he had done in the Ocean Club Agreed 536 I suppose our friend, sheapos 601 00, knowing that he held a very strong though not ballys casino nj the strongest hand 000. T selling secrets 726 And I can access it anywhere in the world. And not having tipico casino spiele detected any strength or confidence coming from his opponent, bond seems to be contemplating LeChiffres motives, the second player flips to reveal a full house 24, having been unsuccessful at reading LeChiffres tells earlier Once the scene has unfolded 982 Do you..

I need him alive Looks like our man 09 030, burn scars on his face, and two of the players have gone all. With four and five million respectively. James Bond takes a seat at the poker table opposite the sinister Alex Dimitrios, when eu casino online it is his turn to bet. But, revealing a, the Ocean Club 36 09, in a particularly interesting hand, if M was so sure that I was bent. A gorgeous 1964 Aston Martin 10 47, his ability to conceal the strength of his hand pays off. And he tosses his keys into the pot. He tries to bet his car, true, when the dealer objects 42, bond checks, we can see that the flop has already been dealt.

47 00:10:22,554 00:10:25,857 He's on the move, and he's heading straight for.Bond calmly calls his bet, placing 5,000 in chips in front of him, which the dealer then counts and slides into the main pot.The first player flips his cards, to reveal a flush.

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